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2 Channels Ingest and Playback System

We are proud to present the InVisionLight advanced system for capturing video sources in

HD / SD formats.

InVisionLight is a brand new developed software to satisfy the needs of small productions

with up to 2 record video channels and 1 playout on the same platform.  


InVisionLight is based on                             environment and produces video files supported by market-leading editing systems.






InVisionLight is easy to use and fits perfectly within the studio infrastructure and existing

Post - production facilities.

InVisionLight offers the perfect toolbox to control each stage of the complete production process. Small studio productions, capture of two video sources for news or any other type of video capturing, include the scheduled capturing feature. InVisionLight allows immediate review, management and basic editing of recorded files on the playout and broadcast, stream or transfer of files over a network.

InVisionLight is easy to learn and easy to operate, and was designed specifically to offer a real tapeless solution that improves and accelerates the work processes during production and post production.

InVisionLight significantly reduces production and post production costs.

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