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Multi-Channel Ingest System


Multi-Channel Ingest.  It can capture sync or non-sync  studio cameras,  satellite channels, network incoming programs or any other video source. 

InVision can run 24/7 with automated split File function to cut every 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes files. The recorded video will split precise by frame and  the new files will be made without losing any information (frames).

 InVision stand alone server  support up to 4 video inputs (4 channels) .


InVision  in  Master/ Extender mode can link up to  4  servers and provide synchronize recording up to 16 channels of a press on a button. It can synced by external time code (LTC)  or by PC Time.  It is concerned as the best studio multiply sources  production weapon.


We support wide range of video codecs among them  XDCAM HD 422-50, DNXHD and IMX 30/40/50 .

Our recommended file format is MXF but it can be other formats.

InVision support most of the broadcast hardware such as Black magic design, AJA, BlueFish 444, Deltacast, DecTec, Magewell and, NDI

Our recommended interface is HD-SDI but it can be analog as well.


InVision based on Windows environment and produces video files supported by market - leading editing systems

Avid Media Composer ,  Adobe Premiere , DaVinci Resolve and the Final Cut.

The interface is easy to use and fits perfectly within the studio infrastructure and existing Post - production facilities. 


The recorded files are made as below:


 (File name_Date ( (h.m.s)_Sub name_Take number)


This  file structure gives wide range of  indexing and searching options



The InVision interface

The main window of InVisdion software as following picture shown. On the left it is the main control pannel by which users can set parameters or doing control of Record and Stop. The 4 video windows provide video and 8 audio tracks monitoring as well as other various recording information. The software is neat and user-friendly control easiness.

16 channels InVision system

4 Invision Servers can be linked together constructed by 4x4 Ingest, there will be a Master Control, and the rest are as Extensions. All 4x4 Ingest Record/Stop can be sync controlled hot-key or mouse click. The 16 different shooting angles recorded files can be transferred to non-linear editing system. If optional Central Stroage is availably installed, the recorded files can be automatically uploaded to Central Storage.

With a 16x16 Router applied in, the InVision Servers can be configured as dual fault-tolerance 8 channels InVision Ingest system. Any one of the InVision crash will not affect the program production.

InVision's network settings

InVision Server adopts Windows-7/10 as its OS, and capitalize “Management Gigabit Switch” to fabricate “local area network”,

users are recommended to configure the network according to Window rules that include:
1. IP Address of the computer network should be located within the same LAN.

2. Set up computer user name, user group / account / authorization.

3. Set up public folder in computer’s hard drive.

4. Set up firewall for network switch, and the traffic control for network access.

InVision Server configuration includes:
1. Select to operate independently; or to link together with other InVision  Server

2. Select local as “Master Control” or “Extension:

3.Select a local IP address for LAN connection.
4.Set remote IP for Master InVision or Extensions InVision.
5. If “Central Storage” is connected, set its IP address or computer name and public disc folder.

Recommended System:

Supermicro -WS CSE- 745BTQ-R1K28B

Prosesors  -2X E5-2640V3 

Memory -4.00 X 8GB DDR4-2400MHZ ECC REG

Display Card -NVIDIA PNY Quadro K420 1GB DDR3 PCIe 2.0

Raid Adaptor  -8 internal ports,12Gb/s per port- Gen-3 AOC-S3108L-H8IR

Media Disks -6X Seagate 3.5" 2TB SATA 6Gb/s 7.2K RPM 128MB (Raid-5)

System Disks -2X SSD Samsung PM863a,240GB,SATA 6Gb/s,VNAND,2.5 (Miror)

OS- Win 10 Pro 64 or Win 7 64 Pro

InVision GUI In Record
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